Hi, I'm Sareena founder of Serene Moments and Serene Baby.

During the current pandemic of not being able to visit family and friends as we would hope for, we are unable to give that support to our loved ones, I realised we could show our love and support in another way, this is when I came up with the idea of  Serene Moments gifts.  . 

 These gift boxes are filled with unique items, from small businesses, which will be a time for your loved one to pause, and have some time for self-care. 

These gift boxes are for any family or friend, a gift for a Mama to be,  a birthday gift for a Daddy or a thank you gift for a teacher. 

You can even personalise your gift box and create your own.  

During the pandemic we zoom called, we had virtual quiz nights, we waved from afar, we worked out how to use tik tok and watched a lot of Netflix. We slow downed, we were grateful for this time not to rush around, but we missed our family and friends so much. 

On the plus side we were given the gift of time, and we promised ourselves to cherish the moments we had with our loved ones

Sharing and spreading the love, one Serene Moment at a time.